Solar Energy Storage – Pros and Cons

The event of an ample, price efficient option to retailer photo voltaic vitality can not come quick sufficient. Completely different strategies are getting used at present, and others are being experimented with and explored. Some residence photo voltaic vitality customers have had nice success with their techniques, however photo voltaic techniques is probably not acceptable for all areas of the world, nor would they be good on a bigger scale. If photo voltaic vitality is to be the substitute for different much less environmentally pleasant vitality sources, then there should be a option to retailer it on a bigger scale that’s nonetheless secure and reasonably priced for everybody.

The Execs to Photo voltaic Power Storage

Photo voltaic vitality is renewable, non-polluting, and simple to harness to be used. A brand new residence that’s constructed with photo voltaic panels or an current residence that provides them can qualify for a tax credit score or different monetary incentives. This makes the idea much more enticing. The present techniques for photo voltaic vitality storage embody a photovoltaic system and a molten salt system, however every has drawbacks.

Solar energy can be utilized to offset or exchange electrical prices from the utility firm. This, in flip, forces the utility firm to develop into extra aggressive of their pricing. If one household in a neighborhood units up photo voltaic panels and reduces their vitality prices by half or extra and the utility firm will increase the charges for the following door neighbors, it isn’t lengthy earlier than the following door neighbors are going to contemplate going to solar energy as effectively.

Solar energy is safer to make use of than different vitality sources, particularly those who depend on coal which should be mined from the earth after which transported across the nation, or oil which is dear and should be obtained from overseas international locations. Harnessing the solar’s warmth stands out as the best option to retailer the vitality for later use in photo voltaic thermal techniques.

The Cons to Photo voltaic Power Storage

The solar will not be totally predictable or dependable. Clouds can block the solar’s rays for seconds, minutes, and even hours inflicting a storage system to lose megawatts of vitality. The lack of megawatts may end up in energy loss for the customers. If the system in place will not be large enough to retailer sufficient vitality for these occasions, it is not going to be helpful in the long term.

The solar will not be a good selection in sure elements of the world the place the climate is usually cloudy and overcast. Even in locations the place there may be a number of solar, days of rain and clouds might shut down a system in a matter of hours.

The salt tank techniques are ample on a small scale. On a bigger scale, they might face the identical NIMBY protests that different kinds of vitality crops face at any time when a brand new one is proposed.

Photo voltaic panel techniques may be costly, particularly at begin up. A photovoltaic system that’s giant sufficient to run a complete family can price $50,000 -far out of the attain of many budgets in these occasions.

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