Solar Power For 50 Bucks – Really, Build it!

You might not consider it, however it’s true. I constructed this myself a couple of years in the past, and you may nonetheless do it as we speak for below $50. So let me say first, that this can be a scorching air producing photo voltaic heater, not electrical. The construct could be very easy, and the typical Joe with primary ‘dwelling proprietor’ instruments can simply put this collectively. Whenever you stand by a properly insulated window within the lifeless of winter with the solar shining via, you may really feel the heat of the solar. Nicely that is the principal and from there you may assemble your panel with that in thoughts.

Primary supplies are:

– 1 sheet 1″ x 4′ x 8′ Celeotex Thermax TF-610

– half of sheet + 3/4″ x 4′ x 8′ Celotex Thermax TF-610

– 1 tube Liquid Nails panel adhesive

– half of tube silicone caulking compound

– 16 Sheet Rock screws

– 1 Plexiglass to suit panel

– 1 all metallic aluminum duct tape

– 1 Can Excessive temp black header paint

– Assorted Wooden, scrap pile stuff

You may fluctuate this checklist primarily based in your design. I used furring strips to create the body, and Styrofoam as a substitute of the Celeotex. I am all the time considering low cost, however helpful. One of many limiting components is the dimensions of your window. You probably have a thin little window, then your panel cannot be an excessive amount of bigger than the opening. This was an issue I had at my location, my window opening was solely 19″. However I used to be in a position to make it 80″lengthy.

Panel is constructed with two chambers, one on high, with the glass and painted metallic sheet, and one below that pulls within the cool air from the room. There’s a 4-6″ opening on the backside of the panel between them for the cool air to journey throughout the heated plate and be warmed.

The small panel, solely 1520 sq inches or 10.5 sq ft, was in a position to warmth Three bedrooms and a toilet! So regardless of the small dimension it positive was highly effective. You might be questioning my location and considering, positive you have been in Florida or Arizona! No, I am situated within the chilly, grey northeast, southern New England, a little bit spot often known as Rhode Island.

A number of constructing suggestions; It’s essential to maintain the panel off the bottom, bugs, rodents and moisture. Additionally calculate your correct angle on your latitude. Right here is a few assist with that. The winter season has the least solar, so that you need to profit from it. To calculate the very best angle of tilt within the winter, take your latitude, multiply by 0.9, and add 29 levels. The result’s the angle from the horizontal at which the panel must be tilted.

The very best place to get you latitude is at Google Earth, it seems on the backside of the window and is adopted by N. One modification that made an enormous distinction was the addition of an outdated squirrel cage fan and a thermostatic swap. The fan was free and the swap I bought at a HVAC provide home. The swap was preset to return on at 120º and off at 80º, it was a kind of button, non adjustable sensors. You have to do this out, it is just some hours and little or no cash.

Source by Stephen Maaz

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